Approachable, Expert Guidance on Your Design Journey

Making interior dreams a reality is often easier said than done. You have the project, you have the inspiration, you’re just… stuck. What you could use is guidance and reassurance. Mayker’s design consults are created for just this moment. A happy medium between doing-it-yourself and hiring a full-time interior designer. Our Advisors can slip into your calendar for micro (1 hour) or extended (3 hour) consults, and our sessions are always tailored to what’s most important to you — whether that’s discovering product, rethinking room flow, or simply pinning down that perfect shade of white. Welcome to the new way to design.

Micro Design Consult

1 Hour
In Store: $95
In Home: $195

Extended Design Consult

3 Hours
In Store: $245
In Home: $545

Frequent Questions

  • We recommend consults for anyone looking for focused design guidance. It’s perfect for those who want expert advice without hiring a full-time interior designer.

  • Each consult is tailored to your current needs and goals, so the biggest difference is time.

    • Micro Design Consults are a tidy 60 minutes. A short and sweet coffee break to work through the essentials.
    • Extended Design Consults last three hours and provide a solid afternoon to explore the possibilities.

    In addition to length, you also have the option to choose your consult location.

    • In-Store Consults allow you to experience our collection firsthand and give you full access to the materials and resources in our Design Library.
    • In-Home Consults allow us to bring our Design Library to you, and provide recommendations perfectly tailored to your vision and space.
  • Consults are ideal for furnishing projects where you want to design a beautiful environment through furnishing selection and room flow, as well as key aesthetic upgrades. Think: discovering the perfect sectional, chandelier, wallpaper, or cabinet hardware. If you need assistance with renovation or interior architecture work, a full-scale interior design service would be required.

  • Absolutely. If you are looking for more than a consult, we offer an Essential Design Package for large-scale furnishing projects.

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