About Mayker Interiors

A Nashville Design Studio for All Things Home

Founded on a decade of design, Mayker cultivates environments of authentic, livable luxury. Our philosophy is guided by the quality craftsmanship and functional beauty that define a well-made home. With an aesthetic marked by storied sophistication, inspired novelty, and lasting comfort, we establish intimate interiors for joyful, everyday living.

our founder

Megan Proby

Good things come on a winding path. Megan shares Mayker's unlikely beginnings, her penchant for foundational design, and what sparks her inspiration.

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meet the team

Paige Baham

Design Associate

Becca Farris

Inventory Manager

Alissa Lawton

Design Advisor

Michael Pinkston

Operations Manager

Jason Proby

Chief Operations Officer

Danielle Reeves

Brand Manager

Samantha Witt

Retail Coordinator

Mary Wiegand

Interiors Coordinator

A Design Resource Company

Mayker is a discovery destination for the best design resources. We provide the guidance, products, tools, and inspiration to help people create remarkable environments.

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