The Trio — September 21, 2023

Welcome to this week's installment of The Trio, a weekly source of interior inspiration. Each Thursday, discover three designs, products, and resources from the Mayker team. Soak in the beauty, enjoy the process, and share what you love.

x, Megan Proby


A truly timeless interior is hard to define, but we believe it has something to do with not adhering to a specific style or trend. Rather, it's drawing from the past and present; it's learning to create in the in-between.

1. Nigel Slater's London Home

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2. Captain's House by Winter McDermott

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3. A Dramatic Alabama Home by Jeffrey Dungan

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Landscape artwork. A comfy leather chair. Pages on pages of inspiration. The treasured elements of a timeless home.

1. Unsettled Province Artwork


2. Eli Chair in Cigar


3. Gilles & Boissier



Learn by listening, learn by doing. This week, take advice from three masters in the art of timeless design.

1. Jake Arnold's Best Decorating Tips

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2. Christiane Lemieux on Creating Spaces with Soul

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3. Colin King's Step-by-step Guide to Styling a Coffee Table

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