The Trio — August 17, 2023

Welcome to this week's installment of The Trio, a weekly source of remarkable interior inspiration. Each Thursday, discover three designs, products, and resources from the Mayker team. Soak in the beauty, enjoy the process, and share what you love.

x, Megan Proby


With autumn just around the corner, we're taking our earth tones deeper and giving our textures new layers. Below, explore three fall-ready spaces that hinge on statement textiles and decor.

1. Greenwich Village by Nicholas Obeid

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Brooklyn Brownstone by Jesse Parris-Lamb

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Designer Showhouse by Chused & Co

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Transitioning your home for fall is as easy as updating your throw pillows. Below, shop three autumnal pillow bundles that are ready-to-ship.

1. Clay Crossings Pillow Bundle


2. Smoke Show Pillow Bundle


3. Daybreak Pillow Bundle



Character comes in the little things. From the perfect scent to to distinct patterns, here are three sources for inspired fall living.

1. Santalum Candle by Ranger Station

2. Lighting by Workstead

3. Fabric by Rose Tarlow