The Wiley Canning Company Cookbook

Chelsea J. O'Leary focuses equally on seasonal recipes and the foundational knowledge required to preserve food with sharp intuition and holistic understanding. No matter where you live--a downtown high-rise, suburban bungalow, or countryside ranch--these recipes are for you. In fact, most recipes can be created using produce picked up from any local farmers' market.

As you use this cookbook, you will become a steward of your local land, farms, and home. Inside you'll find:

  • A case for why home food preservation matters today more than ever
  • 45 seasonal canning, pickling, preserving, and freezing recipes
  • Tips and tricks to create an intuitive and efficient workflow in your kitchen
  • The history, science, and safety of home food preservation
  • Resources to further expand your personal preserving practice

Author: Chelsea J. O'Leary

Dimensions: 10.10" L x 8.10" W

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