Paige Baham

Design Associate

Paige is the design extraordinaire behind Mayker's home staging services. As Design Associate, she helps people realize the full potential of a space by creating an environment that’s as functional as it is beautiful. On weekends, she's off on spontaneous, outdoor trips or shamelessly binging her reality TV faves.

Q&A with Paige

  • Comfy casual. Jeans and closed toe shoes are a must since I'm always on the move.

  • Nature.

  • Earthy transitional. I love mixing different design elements to create a balanced, cohesive, and organic look.

  • The mountains.

  • My living room.

  • Hardwood floors.

  • Material? Wood
    Color Palette? Earthy neutrals
    Fragrance? Mahogany Teakwood
    Sound? Thunderstorms
    Meal? Steak

  • A central vacuum system. Pet hair is a constant battle that I am sadly losing.

  • Make sure there is a realistic balance between aesthetic and functional. It should be a space that you feel both inspired by and comfortable in.

  • "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."