Expert Floor Plan Review Service

Building or renovating a home? Most major mistakes are made in the planning process. With our Floor Plan Review Service, 3 experts will review your plans and provide thoughtful, comprehensive recommendations to refine and perfect your future home.

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Floor plans are the foundational element when building or renovating the home. They marry functionality and aesthetics, ensuring the home you walk into is uniquely built for your purpose and preference. While you will work closely with a draftsman to execute your plans, having outside designer insight allows you to push the envelope and thoughtfully challenge drafts to achieve the best end result for your home..


Most major mistakes with the construction process occur at the floor plan process. Catching changes and revisions before building begins saves time, money, and undue stress.


With our Floor Plan Expert Review service, your plan is circulated individually through 3 design experts for thorough review and revision notes. We evaluate your plan based on flow, aesthetics, functionality and, most importantly, your priorities. 

How It Works

01 Submit Your Floorplan

Start simple! Submit your floor plan to us for review. PDF or CAD files accepted. 

02 Submit your priorities

Fill out our short priorities form. By understanding your priorities and concerns, we can tailor our insights to ensure they align with your bigger vision.

03 Floor Plan Review

Your floor plan is circulated individually through 3 different design experts. Each see the plan fresh to provide new, valuable insights.

04 Insight Consolidation

Your project manager consolidates insights from the experts into a comprehensive review package for your review.

05 Revision Package Delivered

Delivered! We deliver your Floor Plan Recommended Revision Package for review and implementation. The format is based on clarity so it’s easy for you to understand and share with your architect.


-What locations do you serve?
The Floor Plan Review Service is conducted remotely, so we can assist with any project regardless of location.

+How long does the process take?
We review and compile thoughtful feedback on projects within 5 business days.

+How much does the service cost?
The project fee is $.50 pr square foot based on all square footage reviewed (exterior and interior).

+How do you communicate your notes for the plan?
We consolidate all notes into a really clear document, as well as a PDF of the floor plan with clarifying marks. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your architect. If you would like to speak with one of our designers re: your plan revision notes, you can set up an hour long phone consultation for $150.

+I've hired an architect. Why is this service useful?
The planning process for a home is so important, so an extra set of eyes is key. In our case, we provide 3 sets of eyes that offer different perspectives, as well as provide you with expert questions to ask your architect.

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