The Process

01 Meet Your Designer

Your space, our specialty. If you’re looking for expert guidance to create your dream space, we’ll pair you with an in-house designer for a complimentary one-on-one consult at our flagship.

02 Project Plan

Based on the ideal scope, your designer will create a custom project plan to source and style your space. As a Mayker client, you'll receive preferred product pricing.

03 Design to Delivery

Your designer will create a custom plan that takes to heart your top considerations — from budget to aesthetics. We'll source, ship, and style everything you need to make you feel right at home.

04 Nest

And just like that, your nest is new. Pop the bubbly and enjoy your beautifully transformed space. We’ll be right here when you need us for your next project.


-What is your design fee?
Each project is personal. To learn more, click the Inquire button and we'll set up an intro call with one of our Project Managers.

+How long does the design process take?
The discovery stage and selection process typically takes 2-6 weeks, depending on the scope of your project, as well as the number of revisions you request. We selectively design a handful of projects at a time, so we can provide timely focused work and quality service.

+When can I expect installation?
​​Installation timeline varies depending on the product ordered. In-stock product can often be installed within 4-8 weeks of order placement. If you’re concerned more with finding the right fit than the quick fit, installation typically occurs within 3-6 months of order placement. We will discuss installation prior to sourcing so we can align product recs with timeline goals.

+How much should I expect to spend?
Product investment varies greatly depending on a individual's needs and preferences. For full furnishings, our projects start at approximately $40 per SF, but can increase steadily based on the inclusion of certain materials, custom products, etc. To ensure we best serve you, we always ask for a target budget range so we can be mindful of your financial goals in conjunction with your aesthetic goals. Your project manager will help you craft a budget allocation plan so we invest most in the pieces and rooms you care most about.

+What is your return policy?
Since all items are ordered specifically for you, all products are non-cancelable and non-refundable. That said, we make sure you are fully equipped with all specs, materials, and details prior so you feel confident in your selections. Additionally, we extend all manufacturer warranties to our clients, so any damaged or faulty products are handled thoughtfully.

+Do you have payment plans?
For products purchased with a lead time, we offer payment installment plans. A 50% deposit is due at contract with 25% installments due each following month. The invoice must be paid in full prior to any delivery.

+Can you tell me more about your logistics service?
A large part of creating a beautiful space is the behind-the-scenes logistics and execution. As a unique part of our offering, we have a dedicated warehouse fully equipped for receiving, processing, and storing. We don’t have to outsource this work to a third party, which allows for better oversight and more cost-efficient services. Additionally, we have an in-house logistics team we work with on a daily basis who are experts in furniture delivery and working mindfully in a home. Your property and your pieces will always experience the utmost respect from our experienced personnel.

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