Q&A with Jen Goodall, Co-Founder of Clary Collection

Q&A with Jen Goodall, Co-Founder of Clary Collection

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re hosting and highlighting three of our favorite creators in shop: Clary Collection, Handmade Studio TN, Minnie Lane. On March 25 & 26, stop by Mayker Interiors and shop highlights from their collections. Enjoy 15% off Clary Collection’s entire line on Saturday, March 25.  Learn more about the pop-up here, and read on to hear from Clary Collection’s wonderful co-founder, Jen Goodall.

Q: Why did you start Clary Collection?
A: Our transition into motherhood sparked many changes, including a new awareness of the value of clean skincare products for ourselves and our families. Recognizing that the skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs many toxins, we set out to source clean, effective skincare. However, we continually came up short. The "organic" market is saturated with "natural" claims, but often "clean" products still contain harmful components and harsh extracts.

Q: Why do you do what you do? 
A: We receive weekly stories and reviews of our skincare from families and individuals worldwide, affirming our desire to bring the powerful, comforting, healing, calming, and safe effectiveness of herbal skin care to others.

Q: Is there a memory that stands out when you think back on the early days?
A: No sleep with a newborn pouring balms and oils on our kitchen counters through the night. 

Q: What moment in your business's history has shaped you the most?

A: Hate to say but Covid. When we thought our business would come crashing down, it did the opposite, and we had to navigate logistics with staff at home on paid leave. 

Q: What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of what you do? 
A: Challenging - Competing with a saturated market full of skincare filled with toxins. 
Rewarding - knowing that we are ethically proud and support local growers and community with our brand, which is hand-crafted with love and ingredient transparency. 

Q: What would you say to female business owner who are just getting started?
A: Start small. Whatever grandiose ideas you have, start with the top. We had a million product ideas, and giving one project your full attention will pay you back then, allowing you to grow with more ideas.

Clary Collection was born out of the connection we found during our transition into motherhood which sparked many changes in us, including a new awareness of the value of clean skincare products for ourselves and our families. We launched Clary Collection out of our kitchens in November 2016 and never looked back. We are women-founded and operated and are committed to providing safe, non-toxic certified, effective skincare for all ages and every body inspired by nature. Our formulas are certified by Made Safe to give our customers transparency in a market flooded with toxins.