Ode to Neutral Nurseries

Ode to Neutral Nurseries

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that we, at Mayker, love a good neutral. A survey of our team would leave you hard pressed to find anyone who chooses brightly colored patterns over neutral tones and textures. While a penchant for neutrals is not a hiring requirement, like certainly calls to like. We all share an appreciation for the understated beauty that accompanies a thoughtfully designed, neutral interior.

But designing with a neutral palette is about more than just the pursuit of beauty. Neutrals, done well, are inherently practical, immune to time and trend. Perhaps no other room needs practicality quite like the nursery. Throughout its tenure, the nursery will be many things to many people: baby’s first room, mom’s second bedroom, a toddler’s playroom. Repeat for baby number two, three, and more.

And so, the nursery should be a space that grows with the people inside it. Designing within the bounds of a neutral palette is a surprising help to this endeavor. This one, simple decision can save time, money, and energy as the room turns over time after time to welcome its newest residents.

Neutral Nurseries Are Timeless

The great advantage of the neutral nursery is that it’s gender neutral. Shades of white, brown, gray, and even green are universally lovely and eliminate the need to update your paint color after every gender reveal. So instead of pink or blue, opt for a neutral base. Think about the foundational elements of your nursery — wall paint, window treatments, light fixtures, and furnishings like the crib, changing table, dresser, rocking chair — and choose quality designs that will 1) last and 2) work for your whole family, current and future members included. 

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Neutral Nurseries Are Versatile

With a timeless foundation in place, you’re free to infuse character with small accents that are low investment but high yield. A cozy throw (with, dare we say it, a patterned pop of color), a wallpapered accent wall, quirky art prints, and all the toys a kid could dream of. One year it’s ballerinas and bunnies, the next it’s astronauts and airplanes. These are the details that make the difference. And because your nursery is founded on timeless, quality pieces, you have the opportunity to create and recreate for each new life that graces those four walls.

Neutral Nurseries are Beautiful

This last one operates under the assumption that you, like us, love a good neutral. Your dream home is likely an oasis of textured creams, metal accents, warm woods, and fresh greens. Your nursery goals probably follow suit, and rightly so. While it may be home to tiny dwellers, the nursery is above all a place for you to raise your family. Plus, who ever heard of a newborn who cared whether their curtains came in stone or bone, or if their walls were Pure White or All White? So create a neutral nursery you enjoy; this is your haven, too.


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