Need a Little Advice?

Need a Little Advice?

Here’s what I’ve discovered. Most people love a cultivated home. They enjoy the process, and especially the culmination, of a well designed space. They have a general idea of what they like, and don’t necessarily need to invest in the full scale services of an interior designer. Mostly what's required is a dose of expert guidance, clarity, and that tinge of design magic to move an environment from expected to authentic. 

And that—that dose of clarity—is why we created the Design Library. Within our new flagship, our Design Library will offer focused Micro & Extended Design Consultations to bring out the best in your project. It’s a place to consolidate your ideas, process the opportunities, and then send you on your way with a cohesive vision and the ingredients you need to make that vision happen.

I personally love this approach to design for two reasons.

First, you’re able to invest more in product than advice—the things you keep and that fill your space with delight and comfort. Comprehensive design work is valuable, and on some projects essential, to really create a thoughtful home. But for projects where it’s possible, bite-size design expertise can be so much more practical and financially savvy. 

Second, consults are completely custom. I’ve found everyone’s design “stumbling blocks” are different, and we tailor our time and guidance to what’s top-of-project for you. Some people are awash in Pinterst inspiration and need to climb their way out. Some need help discovering original product and ensuring everything works together in a cohesive manner. Others need direction with scale and flow. Whatever bewilders you and keeps you up at night, that’s where we begin. We start in your story, at your priority.  

  • Micro Design Consults are a tidy 60 minutes. A short and sweet coffee break to work through the essentials.
  • Full Design Consults last three hours and provide a solid afternoon to explore the possibilities. 

Accomplish what you need in that time? Perfect. If not, no worries. Our design doors are always open for follow-ups whenever the mood (or design spiral) strikes you. Sound intriguing? We hope so. Our flagship will open on Saturday, March 11, and our Design Library will be available for appointments beginning Monday, March 20. Consults are available in store at our library or in your home.

Feeling eager? Find all the details and book your first consult here.