Megan's Soulful Approach to Fall Living

Megan's Soulful Approach to Fall Living

Creating a warm and inviting space is an art we strive to do justice — especially as the days grow shorter, the weather colder, and the opportunities for entertaining more frequent. We recently spent an afternoon chatting with Mayker founder, Megan Proby, as she transitioned her home for fall. Read on for her approach to fall living, seasonal décor she’s loving, and her thoughts on transformational home investments.

Tastemaker: Out of all the seasons, autumn brings a distinct, though short-lived, sense of stillness. What do you love most about this time of year?

Megan Proby: Fall has always been my ideal season. It’s the perfect transitional moment. I love being able to combine worlds, and this time of year is perfect for enjoying everything. Spend your days in the sun, playing in the breeze and leaves, and cap the night off with hot cider by a fire. And the colors this time of year are my favorite. Warm, rich hues that immediately make you feel cozy and at home. By November, the year has been long with both peaks and valleys. Autumn is the perfect set up for a peaceful winter hibernation. 

Tastemaker: We already know you love a good, textured neutral. Tell us about your approach to fall décor. What’s different?

Megan Proby: When I decorate for seasons, I avoid being too literal or thematic. Instead, I lean into colors and textures that reflect the spirit of the time. Fall has moodier neutrals with pops of burnt orange and deep sage. Bowls are sprinkled with Bosc and Asian pears, and there’s a collection of mums on the front porch. Candles are burning with wood and pine. Fabrics are heavier and more inviting — stonewashed velvets, cozy bouclés, rich wools. The idea is to enhance rather than overwhelm and to touch all the senses. 

Tastemaker: There’s a fine line between moody and dreary. Can you walk us through your process for styling a moody, soulful space?

Megan Proby: To me, moodiness in design is about setting a tone of thoughtfulness and introspection. It’s about creating an environment where you can be completely present and at home, no matter how large your space is. 

Dreariness often comes from a lack of depth and tone. Moodiness is about balancing natural light with darker colors. Layer hues. Add texture. Wall treatments (and even ceiling treatments!) are a great starting point. They take the starkness of a white wall and set a foundation of warmth. Then you dive into those rich, tactile layers that create a moody and pensive hideaway. 

Tastemaker: What are a few décor pieces you’re loving this fall?

Megan Proby: Fall is the beginning of layering season, so our living room becomes a haven for all sorts of blankets and throws. That can quickly become comfy, but messy. To create a sense of order, I love for everything to have a "home." A well-made, textured basket, like the Cairo, is the perfect landing spot for these new cozy accessories. We have a beautiful new collection of jars, vases and bottles that are full of texture.

The Trace Jar, in its earthy sand tone, is a great landing spot for autumn branches and winter berries.

Perhaps the easiest way to update your room is a good throw pillow. If you start with a neutral furnishing base, you can easily swap out light linens in spring with warm velvets in fall. I have this Allure Pillow on order for my personal home, which is that perfect green tone for fall, leading into the holiday season.

Tastemaker: Any advice for those looking to refresh their home without embarking on a full-scale redesign?

Megan Proby: For starters, don’t run to the store. When you impulse buy, you spend more in the long run for less of what you truly want. Take a moment and make a list of the spaces you’d love to revisit and the key pieces that can transform those spaces (both in terms of comfort and aesthetics). Sort them by impact (i.e. what will produce the biggest change in your home), and invest first in the items that will be game-changers that are within your budget range.

Foundational pieces, like sofas, are always a staple update. If you want something lower cost yet still high impact, consider statement decor: art, rugs, lighting. Invest in a really beautiful, well-made throw. Put a new centerpiece on the dining table. Toss out your supermarket pillows for some down cushions. Sometimes it can feel hard and a bit unnecessary to splurge on quality decor, but once you have it in your space and enjoy it on a daily basis, you can see and feel the difference. 

Tastemaker: It wouldn't be a true fall feature if we didn't touch on gratitude. Is there anything in particular you've found yourself especially thankful for?

Megan Proby: My family and I are settling back into a season of new environments. I have always called travel my chief—and perhaps only—true hobby. I love being able to experience new environments and see how different cultures and people interpret the concepts of home, comfort, grace, and quality. And I'm especially excited by spending time in places of history, where old and new rub elbows and blend.

As with everyone, for a couple of years this part of my life wasn't possible, and it's so refreshing to have this creative kindler open up again. Over Thanksgiving, we're traveling to the UK and will be staying in little cottages in England and Wales, as well as a few splurge-y days at Heckfield Place.


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